Are you still pressing or are you already squatting?

Not everyone has a good time on the toilet! Some people struggle with nasty disruptive factors such as constipation, hemorrhoids or irritable bowel syndrome. And even those who have had abdominal surgery appreciate anything that makes going to the toilet easier. Much better than any laxative is the simplest solution imaginable: squatting instead of sitting.

Besserer und leichterer Stuhlgang mit Toilettenhocker

What is a toilet stool?

Before there were porta-potties, nomads in the wild simply dug a hole, squatted down and did their "business" (I wonder where this German double entendre comes from?!) In the squat, people did everything right back then, because that's the only way to completely get out of the intestine what's stuck in it. And much faster than in the toilet.

In short: Your intestine is not made for sitting on the toilet, because then a muscle comes into play that clutches the intestine when standing or sitting. This creates a kink in the line, which - like a kinked garden hose - prevents the bowel from emptying completely.

There aretwo remedies: an outhouse with a hole in the floor. Or - and this is the much simpler, cheaper and therefore better solution: Slide our Ottomann toilet stool under your feet. You'll soon notice that you have to push far less and everything goes much more smoothly!

By the way: The Asians are smarter than us in this respect. There, squatting is much more widespread and intestinal blockages are almost non-existent!

Ottoman von popotti für leichteren Stuhlgang
Toilettenhocker von popotti - damit es auf dem Klo einfacher wird

How useful is a toilet stool?

The question can be answered with only two words: Very useful! Because with our practical toilet stool, you bring your body into the only really healthy 35° squatting position when rappelling your droppings. With this you open your bowels and free them from the kink, which bends them unnecessarily and unhealthily.

Because - and this is really obvious - when you bend your bowels, something likes to stay behind. And what that can cause in the long run, we would rather not imagine now!

With the toilet stool, you clear your drain, so to speak, and make every trip to the toilet not only faster and easier, but above all much gentler. Constipation, hemorrhoids, flatulence or other intestinal complaints occur much, much less frequently in smart people with toilet stools. And internal organs such as the prostate, the uterus or the urinary bladder are also happy about the relief. By the way, the whole thing does not affect the surrounding vessels and nerves with the toilet stool!

Conclusion: Just put your feet on our practical, light and shapely toilet stool Ottomann and you do your body every day what really good. This is even proven by numerous clinical studies.

Toilet stool from popotti

How do I use a toilet stool?

That is almost self-explanatory: Simply place the toilet stool in front of the toilet, place your feet on it, bend your upper body slightly forward and off you go!