Are you still pushing till you're blue in the face – or are you squatting already?

Some of us don't have it all that easy when it comes to dropping a load. People have to deal with nasty issues like constipation, hemorrhoids or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). All those, who recently had to undergo some surgery in the lower body, would also be grateful for anything that would make it easier to do their business. Such a simple solution and much better than any laxative: Don't sit – squat! But why, you may ask. Read this.

Besserer und leichterer Stuhlgang mit Toilettenhocker

What is a toilet stool?

Before the first "commodes" or sit-down toilets were invented, nomads used to simply dig a hole in the ground somewhere, squat, and do their business. Back then, people did everything right! It is the only body posture that allows the bowels to get rid of everything they want to get rid of. And that a lot faster than while sitting on the toilet.

In short: Your intestine is not designed for letting go while you are in a seated position. There is actually a muscle that grasps your bowel and prevents you "going" while sitting or standing up. Sitting down basically makes a "kink in the line" – think of a kinked garden hose – that prevents your bowels from emptying fully.

There are two things that can help: A pit latrine, which is basically a hole in the ground. Or – and this is the easier, cheaper, more attractive and therefore better solution: Just put our Ottomann toilet stool under your feet. You will notice very quickly that there is a lot less pushing involved and everything dumps right out!

By the way: The Asians are a lot smarter than we are in this respect. Squatting is the way to "go" there and constipation is virtually unknown!

Ottoman von popotti für leichteren Stuhlgang
Toilettenhocker von popotti - damit es auf dem Klo einfacher wird

How useful is a toilet stool?

A one-word answer will suffice: Very! When you do your business with our practical toilet stool, then your body is brought naturally into the only truly practical 35-degree squatting position. Your bowels open freely, without any obstructing, unhealthy kink.

Because – and that doesn't need any explanation – a kink in your bowel will keep shit in that should be out. The results that can have over time is not something we want to picture right here!

The toilet stool basically allows you to clean your pipe thoroughly at every visit to the bathroom, and everything will go easier, smoother and healthier. Constipation, hemorrhoids, flatulence and many other bowel issues are much rarer for people, who are smart enough to use a toilet stool. Other internal organs like the prostate, uterus and bladder will also enjoy this healthy relief. Oh yes – all the surrounding blood vessels and nerves will no longer be stressed out either with a toilet stool!

Bottom line: All you have to do is put your feet on top of our practical, lightweight and beautifully designed Ottomann toilet stool and your whole body will thank you for it every single day. There are many clinical studies that agree with us.

Popotti's toilet stool

How do you use a toilet stool?

It is basically self-explanatory: Place the toilet stool in front of the toilet, put your feet on it, tilt your torso forward slightly and let it rip!