How do you use a bidet correctly?

Bidets are very easy to use: You simply sit right there on your toilet and thoroughly clean your genital area with a water jet. To finish, you use a towel or a little bit of toilet paper to dry yourself off. Genital hygiene has never been this easy and quick – also a good idea before or after sex, for menstruating women or before or after giving birth. On hot or stressful days, a little genital hygiene with your popotti bidet will have you feeling much refreshed.

Important to note: Only use water – forget about soap or other cleaning products. These could do more harm than good to the pH balance of your genital area when used too often. Clear water is completely sufficient to get your nether regions squeaky clean after a visit to the toilet.

What types are there?
Wie benutzt man ein Bidet?

Doing your "business" much cleaner

The toilet stool mimics the way the first humans did their business: in a squat. By the way: that is the only natural position for a dump! And the bidet isn't something that was invented yesterday either. As far back as the 17th century, bidets were a thing. And until the arrival of the contraceptive pill in the bedrooms of the world, bidets were also used to prevent pregnancies – not that this method can be called effective! Bidets are used for the most part in Italy (97%) and Portugal (92%) today. It is high time that we stop lagging behind with our embarrassing 6%, basically being a developing country in terms of personal hygiene!

What is a bidet?
Schnell zum Klo

A little push is all you need.

Take a seat, put your feet on the toilet stool, relax, do nothing, listen to music, read the paper, play a game on your smartphone, and let nature take its course.

Tool tip: Your popotti is also a reliable friend if you'd like to freshen up a little before or after sex.

Wasser marsch Podusche

Making a splash.

You can adjust the strength of the water jet depending on your needs and wants – from a gently burbling fountain to a powerful high-pressure jet and anything in between.

Enjoy, let the water do its work and after 30 to 60 seconds, your bum will be good enough to eat from.

very good Feelings

Awesome feeling included.

Once you have enjoyed your popotti, all there is left to do is to dry your behind with a bit of paper or a towel. You will be amazed at how clean you will feel!

It is simply awesome to know to be on the right side of clean all of the time. A hygiene experience you won't want to do without ever again.