How to use a bidet?

A bidet is a very simple thing: you just sit on your toilet and thoroughly clean your intimate area with the water jet. Finally, dry yourself with a towel or a little toilet paper. This is a quick and easy way to clean your intimate area - for example, before or after sex, for women during menstruation or before or after childbirth. Even on hot or hectic days, an intimate wash with the popotti bidet provides a pleasantly fresh feeling.

What is important is that you only use clear water and no soap or other detergents, which, if used frequently, will do more harm than good to the pH value of your intimate area. Clear water is completely sufficient to clean yourself thoroughly after using the toilet.

What are the variants?
Wie benutzt man ein Bidet?

This is how clean business can be done

The Toilet stool only imitates what the first humans did: squatted down. By the way, this corresponds to the only natural sitting position when pooping! And even that Bidet is not a new invention. There was already something like this in the late 17th century. And until the pill started its triumphant march through the bedrooms of this world, it was even used for contraception - which of course should not be relied upon! Today, the bidet is used most in Italy (97%) and Portugal (92%). It's high time that we no longer lag behind with our embarrassing 6% at the level of a hygienic developing country!

What is a bidet?
Schnell zum Klo

Put a little pressure on it.

Sit down, put your feet up on the toilet stool, relax, do nothing, listen to music, read something, play a round on your smartphone and let nature take its course.

Tool Tip: Even if you like a little more hygiene and cleanliness before or after sex, your popotti bidet is a reliable friend.

Wasser marsch Podusche

Water on the move.

Depending on your needs and desires, you can adjust the strength of the water nozzle using the rotary knob - from gentle fountain splashing to a powerful high-pressure cleaner, everything is possible.

Enjoy it, let the water do its work and after about 30 to 60 seconds you'll have a nice, clean butt to bite into.

very good Feelings

Very good feelings included.

After the popotti pleasure, dab your butt dry with some toilet paper or a towel. You will be thrilled how clean your butt is even without much paper.

It's just a mega good feeling to always be on the safe side when it comes to cleanliness. Experience this decisive hygiene difference.