The mobile butt shower is a simple handheld device that you fill with water before going to the toilet. After defecation, pressing on the water container creates a jet of water, which, guided by the shower head, enables gentle cleaning of the intimate area. The advantage of the mobile butt shower is mainly its flexibility. The mobile butt shower usually works without batteries or cables and can therefore be taken anywhere where there may be no other option for quick, uncomplicated intimate cleansing.


  • For men
  • For women
  • Fresher than wet wipes
  • Reduces paper consumption by 50%
  • Gentle on irritated skin
  • Gentle for children
  • Useful during the days
  • Super for on the road or when traveling


  • Fill with water, squeeze, spray and feel good
  • Gently clean with fresh water
  • Hygienic and simply a clean thing
  • With two different attachments for different water jets

How to use a butt shower

Fill the butt shower with water, squat down, do your business, clean your butt with water, dry off - done! Of course, it's best to squat on a toilet stool ;-)

For whom is a butt shower suitable?

The better question would be for whom would a butt shower not be suitable - no one. Because everyone can use a butt shower and do something good for themselves and their environment.

How does a butt shower work?

First, you unscrew the neck of the bottle so that you can fill the butt shower with water. Lukewarm water is pleasant for your butt. Then you wash your butt with water and dry it with a towel or something similar. That's it.

What are the benefits of a butt shower?

It's much healthier than toilet paper because it prevents irritation, etc. And it's significantly better for the environment because it uses very little water and no other resources.

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