Analsex für Einsteiger 🍑 Die optimale Vorbereitung [Tipps und Tricks]

Anal sex for newbies 🍑 Optimal preparation [tips and tricks].

By Fabian Scholz


Anal sex is a form of sexual intimacy in which the anus and rectum are stimulated. This can be done by inserting a finger, a sex toy, or the penis. Many people, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, find anal sex pleasurable and fulfilling. In both heterosexual and homosexual relationships, it can be a multifaceted addition to the repertoire of sexual activities. For some, it is a regular part of their love life; for others, it is an infrequent or experimental practice.

It is important to note that anal sex, like any other form of sexual activity, should be based on mutual consent. Open dialogue with your partner about desires, boundaries, and concerns is critical.

The cultural and historical perspective 🏳️‍🌈

Historically, anal sex was taboo in many cultures, and in some it still is. Nevertheless, there are numerous historical records and artworks that indicate the practice in different societies. In some cultures it was associated with power and dominance, in others it was considered an expression of deep intimacy.

In modern times, anal sex is prevalent in popular culture, and with the increasing acceptance of LGBTQ+ rights, the discussion of anal sex is more open in society. This has helped both heterosexual and homosexual couples feel freer to explore and communicate their sexual preferences.

Analsex LGBTQ+

Anal sex: your optimal preparation ✅

Advantages of preparation 😋

A careful preparation ritual can not only ensure hygiene, but also help make the experience more pleasurable for both partners. Preparation can:

  • Reduce anxiety: For many people, worrying about cleanliness can be a source of anxiety. A thorough cleaning can reduce this worry.

  • Improvesensation: A clean and relaxed rectum can improve sensation and increase comfort during the act.

Prepare with an anal shower. 🚿

Preparing for anal sex can be an important step for many people to feel more comfortable and confident. An anal shower (also called an anal douche or enema) can help clean out the rectum. Here's a loving guide for you:

  1. Relax: Before you begin, take a moment to relax. A warm bath or shower can help.

  2. Prepare: Make sure your butt shower is clean. Fill it with lukewarm water. It should not be too hot or too cold. Check the temperature with your finger to be sure.

  3. Find a comfortable position: many people find it most comfortable to sit on the toilet, but you can also stand in the shower or bend over the bathtub. Find out what works best for you.

  4. Insertion: Gently insert the tip of the butt shower into your anus. You can use a little water-based lube to make this easier. Don't squeeze too hard, and take all the time you need.

  5. Rinse: Slowly squeeze the ball or container of the butt shower to let the water into your rectum. If you feel discomfort or pressure, stop and wait a moment.

  6. Emptying: Remove the butt shower and let the water out on the toilet or in the shower. You may need to repeat this process a few times until the water comes out clear.

  7. Clean the butt shower: after use, wash it thoroughly with soap and warm water and let it air dry.

  8. Relax again: now that you're clean and fresh, take another moment to relax and prepare for intimacy.

Additional tips for a pleasurable experience 💦

  1. Lubricant is your friend: the rectum doesn't produce its own lubricant, so don't be sparing with it. A water-based lubricant is often the best choice, as it is compatible with most condoms and sex toys.

  2. Go slow: Especially if it's your first time or you don't have anal sex often, go slow and take your time.

  3. Use condoms: Not only can condoms protect you from sexually transmitted diseases, but they can also make cleaning easier.

  4. Breathing exercises: Deep breathing can help relax the body and loosen the entrance to the rectum.

  5. After the act: some people find it pleasant to use a butt shower again after anal sex to feel fresh and clean.

Communication, communication, communication 😍

Whether it's your first time or you have experience with anal sex, communication is key. Discuss with your partner what you want, what you don't want, and how you feel. This applies to both the active and passive partner. A mutual understanding of boundaries and desires can make the act much more enjoyable for both parties.


In summary, anal sex is a form of sexual intimacy practiced by both heterosexual and homosexual couples. With proper preparation and communication, it can become a safe and pleasurable experience. It is important to stick to your own boundaries and make sure that everything that happens between partners is based on mutual consent and respect.

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