Types of bidets?

Stationary bidet

The stationary bidet is a sitting washbasin, usually placed next to the toilet. After defecation, you let some water into the basin with the help of the stopper, sit down on the edge facing the wall or clean yourself directly from the tap with your hands or with the help of a washcloth. This most classic of all bidet variants is used a lot, especially in southern Europe. In Northern Europe, the bidet in the form of a seat washbasin is still much rarer.

Like all bidets, the stationary bidet has the advantage that it offers a good opportunity to clean the intimate area. Germs can be removed efficiently with water. You should not use soap or similar in the intimate area anyway. However, stationary bidets also have certain disadvantages: for one thing, you always have to undress completely in order to sit on the bidet. Secondly, you always use your hand or a washcloth for cleaning, since no direct water jet is used. And: such a bidet needs space and a water connection - which costs money.

Shower toilet

In a shower toilet, the toilet is directly equipped with a shower head or there is a water nozzle in the toilet rim. Here you clean your intimate area after defecation and activation of the flush directly still sitting on the toilet with the shower head or by means of the water nozzle, which sprays your intimate area from below. This form of bidet or in other words shower toilet is also very popular in Asian and Arabic countries. Our popotti bidet is such a shower toilet. It has the unbeatable advantage that you never have to use your hand to clean your intimate area and you don't need a washcloth. Therefore, a modern shower toilet or this form of bidet is the even more hygienic option, as it cleans the entire intimate area only by means of a water jet, the strength of which can be adjusted as desired. Moreover, no extra alterations are required in the bathroom. The popotti shower toilet is simply placed on the toilet, under the toilet seat, and only needs a water connection, which must be there anyway.

It couldn't be simpler.

Mobile butt shower

The mobile butt shower is a simple handheld device that you fill with water before going to the toilet. After defecation, pressing on the water container creates a jet of water, which, guided by the shower head, enables gentle cleaning of the intimate area. The advantage of the mobile butt shower is mainly its flexibility. The mobile butt shower usually works without batteries or cables and can therefore be taken anywhere where there may be no other option for quick, uncomplicated intimate cleansing.