Shit happens – for those, who don't have a bidet

Germans are progressive people – but not in everything. Bidets are (still) a rare sight in German bathrooms. We are working on changing that!

That is because the super easy handling and the outstanding cleaning results make our popotti bidet a really good alternative for more or less rough toilet paper or perfume-soaked wet wipes. And we aren't even talking about the environmental aspect!

Are you one of those people, who don't really know what to do with a bidet, how to use it correctly? Are you seriously in doubt about the advantages of this thing that can truly be called: A hero of personal hygiene!? Sit yourself down on your butt and read up on the subject! Otherwise it will be you making an ass of yourself.

Smile und benutze ein Bidet
Relaxing auf dem Bidet

What is a bidet?

A bidet is placed in the bathroom, usually right next to its big brother, the toilet. Its purpose: gentle and thorough cleaning of the entire genital area. A separate bidet is basically a washbasin you can sit on.

The name 'bidet' comes from the old French word for 'horse', as the original bidets were designed to be climbed on and straddled – just like a small horse.

It was most likely invented in the early 17th century, but never got its actual breakthrough until the early 20th century. The invention is based on the reasonable finding that good genital hygiene not only boosts personal well-being during sex or in everyday life, it also helps prevent infections.

Today, bidets are used primarily in southern European countries like Italy, Portugal and Spain. However, they are also generally standard bathroom equipment in Arabic and Asian countries.

Here is where you find all types of bidets
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How useful is a bidet?

We have been seriously asking ourselves how come that bidets and shower WCs have not long since become a hygiene standard in every bathroom. Thankfully, the situation is now changing, as more and more people talk about the advantages of a bidet or shower WC. For you, for your health and for the environment.

There are many good reasons in favor of a shower WC like popotti:

First of all, there are the immense advantages in terms of hygiene and cleanliness you will enjoy with a popotti bidet. Your entire genital area is protected by delicate folds of skin that can never be fully cleaned with normal toilet paper or wet wipes. Only fresh water will really reach every last crevice to remove dirt and possible contaminants. There literally is no easier or more natural way to keep your privates spic and span, while avoiding irritation from more or less rough toilet paper fibers.

Secondly, you are doing something for the environment. In comparison to the regular use of toilet paper, using a bidet will significantly reduce the amount of waste paper you produce. You won't even need those wet wipes anymore, which are very bad for the environment anyway. And if you think a little further you will find that less toilet paper also means less chemicals for its production, less packaging waste and most importantly: a lot less trees being cut down.

Bidetfunktion Popotti
Regulierung Wasserstrahl Bidet

How do you use a bidet correctly?

Bidets are very easy to use: You simply sit right there on your toilet and thoroughly clean your genital area with a water jet. To finish, you use a towel or a little bit of toilet paper to dry yourself off.

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