What is a bidet?

The Germans are progressive - but not in everything. Bidets are (still) rare in German bathrooms. We are changing that!

Because the super easy handling and the thorough cleaning result makes the popotti bidet a really great alternative to scratchy toilet paper or strongly perfumed wet wipes. Not to mention the environmental aspect!

Are you one of those who don't know what you're using a bidet for, how to use it properly, and most importantly, what the benefits of this thing are that you can confidently say: It lets you be washed with all the water!? Then sit your butt down, get smart and you'll see: Here is in the best sense everything for the ass!

Smile und benutze ein Bidet
Relaxing auf dem Bidet
Smile und benutze ein Bidet
Relaxing auf dem Bidet

What is a bidet?

The bidet is usually placed in the bathroom next to its big brother, the toilet. Its purpose: the gentle and thorough cleaning of the entire intimate area. An extra bidet is a kind of washbasin that you simply sit on. That's why it's sometimes simply called a "sitting washbasin".

The name "bidet" comes from the Old French word for "horse," because the bidets that were initially built actually required you to get on them - like a small horse.

The bidet was probably invented in the early 17th century, although it didn't really catch on until the beginning of the 20th century. The invention can be traced back to the wise realization that good intimate hygiene not only contributes to general well-being during sex or in everyday life, but can also prevent infections.

Today, bidets are particularly common in southern European countries such as Italy, Portugal and Spain. But bidets are also mostly standard in Arab and Asian countries.

How useful is a bidet?

We have been seriously wondering for a long time why the bidet or the WC shower has not long since become a hygienic standard in every bathroom. Fortunately, this is changing because word is spreading more and more about the advantages of a bidet or a WC shower. For you, your health and for the environment.

There are really many good reasons for a bidet or a WC shower like popotti:

First of all, there is the much better hygiene and cleanliness associated with a popotti bidet. Because your entire intimate area is surrounded by delicate folds of skin that can never be fully cleaned with normal toilet paper or wet wipes. Only clear water gets everywhere and removes any dirt and possible germs very reliably. Your intimate area is thus not only cleaner in the simplest and most natural way, but also less irritated by rubbing with toilet paper.

The second important aspect that speaks for a popotti bidet is environmental protection. Compared to the normal use of toilet paper, the amount of paper can be significantly reduced when using a bidet. You also no longer need moist toilet paper towels, which per se are extremely harmful to the environment. And if you think a little further, it quickly becomes clear that less toilet paper also means fewer chemicals in production, less packaging waste and, above all, fewer trees that have to be felled for it.

How to use a bidet?

A bidet is a very simple thing: you just sit on your toilet and thoroughly clean your intimate area with the water jet. Finally, dry yourself with a towel or a little toilet paper.

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