This is it. Forget about the common conception that everything to do with your backside is somehow taboo and disgusting. It really isn't. Right then: Your behind deserves so much better – and we are here to ensure sparkly cheeks and everything in between! After all – it is just as much part of your body as all the other bits you painstakingly care for. Your bum is not a bummer and deserves well-rounded respect.


  • For men
  • For women
  • Fresher than wet wipes
  • Paper waste reduced by 50%
  • Gentle on compromised skin
  • Gentle for kids
  • Useful during menstruation


  • Control of the water pressure and angle (Fits your bum)
  • No electronic parts, no plumber needed for installation
  • Fits all round and oval toilet bowls with accessible water supply
  • Self-cleaning jet
  • Simple instructions
  • Ours is the longest (70 cm hose)

How to use a bidet

Pants down or skirt up, do your business, turn on the water jet, wash, dry off – that's it for a clean and fresh feeling. Also: with the popotti bidet, you sit on the toilet just like you're used to!

Who should use a bidet?

There isn't anyone, who wouldn't benefit from the use of a bidet or shower WC. Young or old, fit or infirm – it is super easy to use for everyone, and everyone will feel equally fresh and well afterwards.

How does the bidet work?

A bidet is an accessory piece of sanitary equipment with water ingress and egress that is usually positioned right next to the toilet bowl. An add-on bidet like the popotti bidet is mounted directly underneath the toilet seat and then connected to the water supply – that's it.

Why is there hardly any bidets in Europe?

Good question. Maybe it has something to do with lower temperatures than in southern countries, where bidets have become a matter of course for people to freshen up quickly. There really isn't a rational explanation.

What are the benefits of a bidet?

It is a lot healthier than toilet paper, because it prevents rashes and other nasty side effects. It is also much better for the environment, because it uses only a little water and no other natural resources.