It is lightweight, it is unassuming, it makes your toilet session comfortable and – most importantly – healthy: We have named our toilet stool Ottomann, after the comfortable piece of furniture we all love. What does it do? It makes you squat instead of sitting down, naturally preventing the inevitable kink in your bowel you would otherwise have to deal with.


  • For men
  • For women
  • Easier bowel movement
  • Healthy posture on the toilet
  • Less pressure needed for bowel movements
  • Effortless evacuation
  • Can help prevent horrible maladies of the behind
  • Reduces the amount of pills you have to take for good bowel movements


  • Easy assembly – no rocket science background needed!
  • Ready to use right away without any bells and whistles
  • Blends right in to the design of the toilet bowl
  • Unlike many other stools, it fits seamlessly with the toilet bowl

Why do I need a toilet stool?

Because your body will automatically assume a posture at a 35-degree angle, which prevents the unhealthy kinking of your intestine and is the only truly natural position for a healthy dump.>

Who benefits from using a toilet stool?

In short: everyone. And especially those, who otherwise have real problems squeezing one out, who suffer from constipation, hemorrhoids, flatulence and other bowel issues.

Why then is our toilet stool still an insider tip?

Maybe, because hardly anyone dares talk about this topic openly and because it still remains a taboo – unfortunately! Many physicians and most people in Asia – where toilet stools are very common – agree: A toilet stool is the simplest and best laxative!

How long, until the toilet stool brings "results"?

You will feel the benefits of the squatting position the very first time – and will never want to go back.

What sets apart your Ottomann from all the other toilet stools available on the market?

It is super lightweight. It looks good. It is very robust. And it really costs very little for the value it brings to your life.