Butt of the joke nevermore!

This is it. Forget about the common conception that everything to do with your backside is somehow taboo and disgusting. It really isn't. Right then: Your behind deserves so much better – and we are here to ensure sparkly cheeks and everything in between! After all – it is just as much part of your body as all the other bits you painstakingly care for. Your bum is not a bummer and deserves well-rounded respect.

Other countries are well aware of that fact already – and they use bidets! Great idea, don't you think? After all, there is nothing better than a thorough rinse with water to keep your nether regions squeaky clean. A good idea for you and for the environment. Even more so, than you might think right now!

And we can offer you even more: How about our toilet stool that will make every dump a real treat. We've called it our Ottomann.

Find out everything you need to know about the most natural and best clean slate solution for your preposterous fundament right here, and how "it" really slips right out with our toilet stool! Give it a try and experience an entirely new and squeaky clean "oooohhhh that's nice" feeling. Clean and easy for a feel-good experience! Once you've tried it, you'll never want your "down there" feel any other way again – we are sure of that.

Party für deinen Hintern mit unseren Po-Duschen und Bidets

Your butt is not the back of beyond

The fact that you don't really see your behind in the mirror that much, doesn't mean you should ignore its existence. After all, your keister (who ever came up with THAT name?) makes sure you sit comfortably wherever you go.

We think: It deserves a lot more than daily chastisement with more or less coarse paper! Lest we forget: too enthusiastic wiping can result in tiny injuries from rough fibers. These, in turn, are a perfect breeding ground for nasty bacteria that can easily cause itching, inflammation and a horrible "ring of fire". Anyone, who has ever had issues with their derrière can vouch for the fact that it is definitely a pain in the ass and hell on Earth!

The question then is: why don't you treat your backside with the respect it deserves? With fresh, clean water from the popotti bidet that couldn't be gentler. And our ingenious toilet stool will additionally make your daily trot to the pot easier than ever!

With all that in mind, and thinking of your own health and that of our environment, you should definitely bring your hindquarters to the forefront from now on.

Start partying

So what is an "Oooohhhh face"?

Ohhh-Face Bidet

Feel like a little adventure? It truly is life-changing, when cleanliness meets fun after a – sometimes not that easy – dump in lumps. That is exactly how you feel after you use your popotti bidet for the very first time. Your other end will no doubt make the famous "Oooohhhh face"!

Because when the water from the popotti bidet tickles your bottom for the very first time, the feeling is pretty unusual, to say the least, and will definitely give you a little giggle. There's been countless surprised whoops emanating from the washrooms in this country, closely followed by an excited "Oooohhhh!".

Butt shower

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Our Bidet

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That stool knows its shit.

Are you still sitting on the toilet – or are you squatting already? Squatting is the much healthier and more natural way to "go". The reason? When your feet are off the ground, i.e. planted on our toilet stool, your body will automatically correct the quite unnatural sitting posture and will assume the recommended angle of 35 degrees. This will effectively prevent kinks in your lower intestine: You can let go of everything that doesn't pay rent much faster and easier. Have a squat and try it!

Toilet Stool

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And what does it look like then?

How your bidet (shower WC) looks like when it's mounted you can see here. The T-piece adapter needs to go between your water connection and flushing tank. Make sure the water is turned off during installation.

Wasser Anschluss Bidet
Bidet und Toilettenhocker von popotti

The hose between your water connection and your shower WC is approximately 70 cm long. Should you require a longer hose, hit us up. We can make any length up to 3 meters for you.