There's movement at the back of beyond

It is a good thing that more and more people around the world are finally seeing what has been a daily routine in many countries for centuries like a fresh cup of coffee in the morning: The bidet and toilet stool. Here too, more and more clever people of all ages are finally recognizing that bidets and toilet stools are a wonderfully clean and helpful concept – not just for more hygiene and health, but also for our environment. After all: regularly washing your nether regions with the integrated water jet after you've done your business will save tons of toilet paper, which, in its overall production process has a catastrophic impact on our environment.

By the way: The toilet stool is a lot healthier for your bowel in any case. That's only logical, as you avoid kinking your intestine! And the bidet for your behind as well, as you won't be mistreating it constantly with rough toilet paper, which could result in or intensify painful skin problems. Something to look forward to: Your popotti bidet and toilet stool will give you a completely new, thrillingly hygienic "Oooohhh" experience. Because being clean and carefree will lift your spirit every time.

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