What types of bidets are there?

Stationary bidet

The stationary bidet is generally found right next to the toilet. Once you have done your business, you seal the bidet with its plug and run some water into the basin. Then you straddle it facing the wall and use your hands or a wash cloth to clean your nether regions. This most traditional version of the bidet is very commonly used in southern Europe. Bidets are to this day a much less common sight in northern European bathrooms.

The stationary bidet has – like all other bidets – the advantage that it allows the user to clean their entire genital area with ease. Any germs are efficiently removed with water. It is never advisable to use soap or other agents in the genital area. Stationary bidets do, however, have some drawbacks: firstly, you have to remove all clothes from your lower body to allow you to straddle the basin. And secondly, you will always use your hands or a wash cloth for cleaning, as there is no water jet to do the job. Also: these bidets need space and of course a separate plumbing connection – which can be costly.

Stationäres Bidet

Shower WC

A shower WC is a toilet that comes equipped with a shower head, or there is a water jet installed under the inner edge of the toilet. It allows you to clean your genital area right after you have "done the deed", when you flush. You are still sitting on the toilet and are using the shower head or the water jet, which spray water upward. This type of bidet or shower WC is very popular in Arabic and Asian countries. Our popotti bidet is exactly like a shower WC. It has the distinctive advantage that you never have to actually use your hand or a wash cloth to clean your genital area. That is why a modern shower WC or this type of bidet is a much more hygienic choice, as it cleans the entire genital area with a water jet that the user can adjust to their liking. Plus, there will be no structural changes needed in the bathroom. The popotti shower WC is simply placed on top of the toilet bowl underneath the toilet seat. The only thing needed is a water connection, which will already be there.

It couldn't be simpler.

Our bidet
Po Dusche oder einfach Bidet Aufsatz

Mobile shower for your behind

The mobile shower for your behind is a simple, hand-held device that you fill with water before you get down to business. Once you are done, you simply squeeze the water container to generate a water jet, which is routed through a little shower head for the gentle cleaning of your genital area. The strength of the shower depends on the hand pressure on the container. One distinctive advantage of the mobile shower for your behind is its flexibility. You won't need cables or a battery for it, which means you can take it with you anywhere. Perfect for places, where there may not be any other means for quick, uncomplicated genital hygiene. And of course: the mobile WC shower requires no costly remodeling of your bathroom and no shower WC.

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